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View Insertions On Ensembl

The most recent version of Ensembl on which our DAS is displayed correctly is July 2009. To use the instructions below replace "" with ""

e.g. instead of



Insertion sites can be viewed on the Ensembl genome browser by using our DAS (Distributed Annotation System) server.

Enter the following URL to view the Myc locus on Ensembl.

The main panel shows the transcripts for Myc and Pvt1. To add a track for retroviral insertions you need to attach the DAS source hosted at NKI.

Click "Configure Page" in the menu on the left of the page which opens a window with five tabs.

Click the "Custom Data" tab at the top of the window and then click "Attach DAS" on the left of the window.

Enter the URL "" into the upper text box and press the "Next" button.

Click the mutapedia_M37 checkbox.

This DAS source is for insertions mapped to NCBI mouse build 37 (mutapedia_M34 is only valid for archive versions of Ensembl using mouse build 34 e.g.

Click the "Next" button. You should see a message saying "The following DAS sources have now been attached:"

Click "Close" in the upper right of the window.

You should now see the insertions as a blue track on Ensembl. Each vertical blue line represents an insertion. Insertions are grouped by genotype using the horizontal blue lines. Tracks on the upper half are insertions with the retroviral transcript in the forward orientation, tracks on the lower half are insertions with the retroviral transcript in the reverse orientation.

Clicking on an individual line will give you the exact position of each insertion. To resolve clusters of insertions click near the insertion and choose "Zoom in x10" from the popup.

Insertions can also be retrieved from the DAS server manually.